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Male Ruby-throated Hummingbird


A male started feeding at the window feeder yesterday! The female strongly objects to sharing her personal food source, but manages to drink when she is not engaged in territorial battles. All the birds look healthy and will soon begin their migration to the western states of America or Central America. I will miss seeing them every day!

Canon 60D, ISO 640, 200mm, f4, 1/250

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male ruby-throated hummingbird

male ruby-throated hummingbird


Author: Karen Chandler

Metal clay jewelry, nature photography, and digital scrapbooking are Karen's passions. She is mostly self-taught, enjoying the learning process as much as producing her works of art. Karen's jewelry features fine silver, copper, and bronze. She sculpts and refines metal clay, then kiln fires her pieces and polishes them to perfection. The process allows for exciting interpretations of symbols, shapes, textures, and combinations of metals. A long time user of Photoshop, Karen loves to create digital layouts with her photos. Her layouts and albums are a diary of sorts; documenting milestones, recording happy times, and celebrating her love of nature.

298 thoughts on “Male Ruby-throated Hummingbird

  1. Incredible photos! I ought Freshly Pressed for leading me to your blog.

  2. I have many hummingbirds in my garden and I love to watch them, but I can’t photograph them. These photos were stunning!

  3. Karen! Congratulations on being “Freshly Pressed”! I feel like I know a celebrity now. 🙂 I am drinking a toast (white wine) in your honour right now. Love the photos! Love that you are getting to use that awesome lens! 🙂 Congrats again!

  4. Beautiful pictures!! I love our humming birds – we have them year round where I am in Western Washington. I have to wrap the feeder in strips of flannel covered with heavy socks and up the sugar content to fight against freezing weather in the winter. It is amazing to see them drinking with a backdrop of a forest covered in snow! They seem like such wise old souls with little wings.

    • Thank you! My son lives in Portland, OR and he told me about the year-round hummingbirds that live in the Pacific Northwest. Seeing hummingbirds in the winter would be such an exotic and welcome sight! So glad you feed them.

      I checked out your blog. Love your 9/1 post. Made me chuckle! I look forward to reading more.

  5. stunning shot of a very pretty wee bird

  6. Remarkable photos. You have a great eye!

  7. These are great. Hopefully you’ll find some new lovely birds to photograph after they have gone on their way.

  8. wow great photos!

  9. what amazing clarity of wings…loved the dynamism in them…just too wonderful!

  10. Your photos are magnificent! What a beautiful little guy you have visiting you!!

  11. Only a few days ago, I found one of these little guys in the upper loft of a friends barn. He was lying on his back with his wings spread and ruffled. I picked him up and, assuming he was dead, went to show him to my friend outside. While we were standing there gawking and talking about what a shame, he flipped over, looked around for several moments and flew away. Odd incident, and one that I really enjoyed!

  12. really great capture…to capture the humming birds and sunbirds is not an easy task,with the speed at which they fly away…but you have captured them at an amazingly close angle…great pics…congrats on being freshly pressed!!!…:)

  13. I am in love with hummingbirds. These are wonderful pictures.

  14. Wow, these photos are SO impressive!! thanks for sharing your talent, I’m very envious! 🙂

    • Thank you for the kind works! I still consider myself a beginner. I keep my manuals handy and search the net for specific tips and instruction. It is not unusual to take 50-100 photos; ending up with just a few keepers. Whatever it takes is ok to get the photos I love.

  15. Nice shot.. and a very nice story.

  16. Gorgeous. I love hummingbirds! Thanks for sharing !

  17. This Image is awesome!!!….inspires me to improve my skills!!!

  18. Wonderful pics! We do a lot of nature facts on
    I love these birds. Do you know more about them?

  19. Beautiful pics!!

    You know, I saw two humming birds near a tree outside by office building, I waited for them for quite a while with my cellphone camera on, but they didn’t come out of their nest. 😦

    • Thanks, Eeshan! It can be frustrating to wait for the birds to show up. Since I have been photographing them, I learned they gradually become more trusting of humans in their territory. They fly extremely close to us when we are refilling the feeders!

  20. Hello Ms. Chandler I’m Sean,
    this morning marks the fifth day of my arrival to the WordPress neighborhood. Immediately after logging-on, directly in my sight was a splendid photograph in ‘FreshlyPressed’. Once viewing your space I had to use the next few moments to absorb an effect of inevitable beauty and calm. It is truly amazing to see these tiny creatures, unique for their acute and agile capabilities suspended in time. Extraordinary imagery preceded with an even more inviting titled page.

  21. This is so cool and love the bird ^_^ MASHALLAH it’s a creature beautifully created by Allah Almighty and his colour scheme is lovely!

  22. Boy, thanks Karen Chandler! You and your little friend brightened a dismal morning!

  23. Wonderful creature(s), thank you for sharing. Awesome!

  24. Always a blessing to see a Hummingbird in the morning, so I assumed seeing this thru FP is a digital blessing! Thanks. 1000 Hummingbirds.

  25. Impressive capture, and such rich colours. I love the shallow depth of field effect here!