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North Carolina Farmer’s Market


We visited my daughter last weekend in Raleigh, North Carolina. We had a great time, although rain caused us to alter some of our plans. One place of interest that offered shelter from the rain was the State Farmer’s Market, located just minutes from Amy’s home. The colors and textures are a nature photographer’s dream. We arrived shortly before closing, so I had about 30 minutes to choose my photography subjects and a few delicious items to purchase. With two large buildings to explore, I could have stayed there for hours!

All photos: Canon 60D, manual, handheld, RAW, evaluative, ISO 640, 50mm, f/5.6, shutter speeds ranged from 1/30 – 1/250.

Author: Karen Chandler

Metal clay jewelry, nature photography, and digital scrapbooking are Karen's passions. She is mostly self-taught, enjoying the learning process as much as producing her works of art. Karen's jewelry features fine silver, copper, and bronze. She sculpts and refines metal clay, then kiln fires her pieces and polishes them to perfection. The process allows for exciting interpretations of symbols, shapes, textures, and combinations of metals. A long time user of Photoshop, Karen loves to create digital layouts with her photos. Her layouts and albums are a diary of sorts; documenting milestones, recording happy times, and celebrating her love of nature.

17 thoughts on “North Carolina Farmer’s Market

  1. Pretty colors and textures. You did a nice job with some challenging light, too. I really like the rows of apples on the shelving and the first photo with the drying corn. I feel like I could reach out and touch them!

  2. These are great shots; they really capture what a farmer’s market is all about.

  3. My goodness! The fruit looks delicious! I go crazy for fruit. Great compositions and excellent bright colors which calls for, since you have such a variety of colors for every frame.
    I see that you’re having a good time! 🙂

    • Thanks, H.J.! I loved getting a variety of photo ops all in one place. Yes, we had a good time and even made it to Duke Gardens. Unfortunately, we were only there for 20 minutes before rain forced us to go home. I did get some photos, though, and will post them soon.

  4. Wonderful pictures! 🙂

  5. what a wonderful place to spend an afternoon…so much yumminess and photo ops. Thanks for sharing!

  6. What a wonderful way to show the bountiful harvest. I love the way you share not just your pictures but also your camera settings. Novices like me find them really valuable. Thank you.

    • You are welcome, Tita Buds! It has been one year since I learned to use my camera on the manual setting. I still consider myself a novice, but I love having more control when I’m shooting in low light.

      I’m following your blog. Love your writing and photos!

  7. This looks amazing! I’ve heard of so many good farmer’s markets in North Carolina… if only I were a bit closer.

  8. NIce series. I love the stacked gourds. Now that’s a market!!

  9. I just love going to the farmers markets!!! Terrific photos!