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Spring Flower Photography


Flower photography is a joy this spring. The weather has been excellent for weeks, providing lots of warm sunshine and cool breezes. Many flowers are in full bloom, but none have captured my interest more than the Foxglove plants. I started them from seed last year. They do not bloom the first year, so it has been a long wait! The twelve plants are blooming in shades of purple, pink and white. The Snapdragons were also started from seed last year. They over-wintered in our raised-bed garden, spreading and growing to a height of three feet. Photographing the tall Foxglove spires and Snapdragons was a challenge, because they sway constantly in the wind. Fortunately, I had plenty of light which allowed me to freeze motion with a fast shutter speed.

Which flowers are currently blooming in your gardens? Are you enjoying wildflowers too? I would love to hear from you and see your spring flower photos!


Author: Karen Chandler

Metal clay jewelry, nature photography, and digital scrapbooking are Karen's passions. She is mostly self-taught, enjoying the learning process as much as producing her works of art. Karen's jewelry features fine silver, copper, and bronze. She sculpts and refines metal clay, then kiln fires her pieces and polishes them to perfection. The process allows for exciting interpretations of symbols, shapes, textures, and combinations of metals. A long time user of Photoshop, Karen loves to create digital layouts with her photos. Her layouts and albums are a diary of sorts; documenting milestones, recording happy times, and celebrating her love of nature.

8 thoughts on “Spring Flower Photography

  1. Wow these are beautiful! Well done!! You folks are a lot farther ahead than we are. thanks for the teaser of the upcoming blooms!!!

    • Thank you, David! Yes, we are probably a month earlier than PA. I always enjoy your wonderful flower photography and look forward to your spring and summer posts.

  2. Your photos are just so gorgeous…thanks for sharing!

  3. I stared at that picture of the marigold for a few more seconds. So pretty.
    And those ice plants look like daisies, which I just love.
    Thanks for this wonderful post, Karen. 🙂