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Eastern Box Turtle and Baby Birds


Thanks to my neighbor, Yvette, I was able to photograph an eastern box turtle today! She found him on her patio and gave him water while she waited for me to arrive. Our guess is that he was searching for water. Rainfall has been scarce this spring and judging from the turtle’s eager approach to the water, he was thirsty.

I placed the turtle on a large rock and shot the photos from various angles. I used a macro lens and handheld the camera. After the photo shoot, we returned him to the shade and his much-needed water.

Our baby cardinals are five days old. They will be ready to fly in six or seven days! They briefly woke when I gently moved the branches back and snapped two photos with my compact camera. Amazing how wild babies are so aware of their surroundings and how quickly they grow! I hope to take at least one more photo before they leave the nest.


Author: Karen Chandler

Metal clay jewelry, nature photography, and digital scrapbooking are Karen's passions. She is mostly self-taught, enjoying the learning process as much as producing her works of art. Karen's jewelry features fine silver, copper, and bronze. She sculpts and refines metal clay, then kiln fires her pieces and polishes them to perfection. The process allows for exciting interpretations of symbols, shapes, textures, and combinations of metals. A long time user of Photoshop, Karen loves to create digital layouts with her photos. Her layouts and albums are a diary of sorts; documenting milestones, recording happy times, and celebrating her love of nature.

8 thoughts on “Eastern Box Turtle and Baby Birds

  1. The baby birds look so similar to Red-vented Bulbul. How many days old are these?

  2. He’s a beautiful turtle. And those babies! So cute. 🙂

  3. Wow very cool !!! What macro lens do you own?? I have been saving for one, but I am still undecided which to buy.

  4. Wow, I did not know that the patterns on a turtle’s shell are that detailed and actually look like they were etched on. It’s amazing.
    I learned something today, Karen, thanks to your excellent skills. 🙂

    • Hi Tita Buds! Thanks so much for your kind comment! Yes, he is quite attractive. He has been living in my neighbor’s yard for over a year. I have seen these turtles in the past, but they were smaller and the markings on the shell were not as visible. I was also surprised by the orange markings on his legs. After doing a bit a research, we think he is male. Males have orange eyes, brighter orange markings on legs, wider, longer tales and flatter shells.