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Holmes County: Old Farm Buildings Part 2

Holmes County, Ohio Part 2 includes an abandoned farm that was most recently owned by an Amish farmer. The first 6 photos are from that farm. Portions of siding are missing from the barn – probably an act of vandalism.

The last two photos show the house and part of the farmland near Shreve where my grandparents lived until 1958. When I look at the house, I can imagine my beloved Grandmother walking to the garden behind the house to cut rhubarb or pick beans. The outside of the house and yard has changed little since those days, except for new construction on the right side of the house. Obviously a fresh coat of paint would make the house look better. The last photo is a small part of the view from the yard. The view has not changed. I think that is remarkable and wonderful!



Holmes County: Old Farm Buildings Part 1

My recent trip to Ohio included visiting back roads in Holmes County. The textures of rust and faded paint were everywhere at the abandoned or nearly abandoned farms I discovered. I especially enjoyed photographing the windows and doors of old houses. I always wonder if the original residents had a happy life there so many years ago.

The turkey vulture photo was a bit disappointing. The location is a wide valley that was formerly a wetland. Turkey vultures perched all over the driftwood, but we startled them when we traveled the unpaved road and all but two flew away.

I will post Part 2 photos from Holmes County soon!


Vintage Charm in Ashland County

Designs on antique window frames, peeling paint, and rusted metal are the vintage elements I love to discover and photograph.  Our recent trip to my home state of Ohio included visits to back roads and small towns where I was fortunate to find some favorite photography subjects. I especially enjoyed discovering the beautifully detailed vintage house. It is currently under renovation and will eventually be a focal point on a quiet street near downtown Ashland.

We were fortunate to have good weather and a little more time than usual during our stay in Ohio. I was able to visit other rural areas in the north central part of the state and will be posting those photos soon.


Antique Windows

We made a spur-of-the-moment trip last week. I wanted to help my parents with some tasks around the house and shoot photos in the rural areas of north central Ohio. The landscape there is full of interesting things to photograph:  farms scattered in gently rolling hills, Amish culture, antique homes and barns, wildflowers, quaint villages, ancient cemeteries, and wetlands. I now have many photos to enjoy and categorize, so look for Ohio-theme blog posts in the weeks to come. We enjoyed every minute of our visit and hope to return soon!

While traveling around the countryside, I was drawn to the windows of old buildings. I decided to start a series of window photos and was able to get nine examples. I especially liked seeing the landscape reflected in windows, or curtains that hinted of a simple decor from decades ago.

All photos: Canon 60D.

Click on the horizontal photos to enlarge.

vintage window and door

ISO 800, 100mm, f/18, 1/20.

This abandoned house in Savannah, Ohio had a mystery door next to one of the windows!

window in antique red barn

ISO 640, 50mm, f/13, 1/800.

Small window on a barn built in 1880. The window and texture of the painted wood were the features I found most interesting.

ancient window in abandoned house

ISO 640, 25mm, f/18, 1/100.

This window is from an abandoned farmhouse in a wide valley. I like seeing the reflection of grain fields and sky.

four windows in an old house

ISO 500, 100mm, f/18, 1/80.

I found this house in a small Ohio town. The lovely designs under the soffit and over the windows are still pretty after many years in the elements.

handcrafted window in restored brick church

ISO 640, 100mm, f/18, 1/40.

This handcrafted window is one of many in a restored brick church near Ashland, Ohio. Hints of the perfect autumn day reflect in the glass. (A future post will include more photos of this building, which is now a residence.)

old storage shed windows

ISO 800, 100mm, f/18, 1/80.

I found this old storage shed in a small town. The windows displayed a plethora of items and pride in the state of Ohio.

diamond window in old brick church

ISO 320, 100mm, f/18, 1/250.

This little diamond window is on the west side of an ancient church. Light from the setting sun illuminated the strong focal point.

country town post office window

ISO 800, 100mm, f/18 1/640.

The wall of windows on the front of this post office face a busy road. Taking the photo from the side was my only option, but this angle provided interest as well.

tall window in antique house

 500, 100mm, f/18, 1/15.

This fancy window hints of a once elegant brick house.