photography and digital scrapbooking


Digital Art Journaling

My latest digital products represent a style that is new for me – art journaling. Paint and paper art journal pages usually have a handmade, artsy look. Keeping that in mind, I worked with real and Photoshop paint and let my creativity take me where I had never dared to go!

No rules apply when designing art journal pages. Typically, they are about feelings or subjects that are close to the artist’s heart. I like to use my photos for these layouts, although I also enjoy using Photoshop brushes or other images as focal points. Journaling is usually featured prominently, but a title or few words can also communicate the message. Sometimes I find it difficult to journal in sentences and it becomes a stumbling block. That is when a quote works for me or sometimes I write a simple poem. I am fond of haiku, especially a variant containing 15 syllables, two lines and two breaks.

Update: Digital scrapbooking products by Karen Chandler are no longer available.

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  • “Home”, “Family”, “Nature’s Place”, “Lost Confidence”, “Treasure Trees”, “Understand the Past” digital scrapbooking layouts by Karen Chandler uses:
  • Digital supplies by Jessica Sprague and Nancy Rowe Janitz. The supplies are provided as part of an inspiring class on digital art journaling.