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Holmes County: Old Farm Buildings Part 2

Holmes County, Ohio Part 2 includes an abandoned farm that was most recently owned by an Amish farmer. The first 6 photos are from that farm. Portions of siding are missing from the barn – probably an act of vandalism.

The last two photos show the house and part of the farmland near Shreve where my grandparents lived until 1958. When I look at the house, I can imagine my beloved Grandmother walking to the garden behind the house to cut rhubarb or pick beans. The outside of the house and yard has changed little since those days, except for new construction on the right side of the house. Obviously a fresh coat of paint would make the house look better. The last photo is a small part of the view from the yard. The view has not changed. I think that is remarkable and wonderful!


Holmes County: Old Farm Buildings Part 1

My recent trip to Ohio included visiting back roads in Holmes County. The textures of rust and faded paint were everywhere at the abandoned or nearly abandoned farms I discovered. I especially enjoyed photographing the windows and doors of old houses. I always wonder if the original residents had a happy life there so many years ago.

The turkey vulture photo was a bit disappointing. The location is a wide valley that was formerly a wetland. Turkey vultures perched all over the driftwood, but we startled them when we traveled the unpaved road and all but two flew away.

I will post Part 2 photos from Holmes County soon!


Vintage Charm in Ashland County

Designs on antique window frames, peeling paint, and rusted metal are the vintage elements I love to discover and photograph.  Our recent trip to my home state of Ohio included visits to back roads and small towns where I was fortunate to find some favorite photography subjects. I especially enjoyed discovering the beautifully detailed vintage house. It is currently under renovation and will eventually be a focal point on a quiet street near downtown Ashland.

We were fortunate to have good weather and a little more time than usual during our stay in Ohio. I was able to visit other rural areas in the north central part of the state and will be posting those photos soon.


Afternoon at Serenbe

Serenbe is a 900 acre eclectic community southwest of Atlanta, Georgia. The surrounding area is known as Chattahoochee Hill Country and incorporates portions of four counties. Development in this 40,000 acre area emphasizes smart growth, also known as sustainable living. Curious about this secluded area, we decided to check it out yesterday. From our home it was a 45 minute drive. The last five minutes were on a long, winding lane through fenced livestock pastures.

We started our exploration of Serenbe with a delicious brunch at The Hil. Later, we spoke to some friendly residents who invited us to walk the nature trail (not a public area) and gave us a map and brief orientation. For a short stretch the trail borders a pasture, but unfortunately no horses were present. The round-trip hike took us about two hours and provided some interesting sights and much-needed exercise.

The homes at Serenbe are mostly upscale and each has a custom design. Greenspace includes vast wooded and pasture areas, stables, a lake, and organic gardens. We are looking forward to the Saturday Produce Market next spring when strawberries are available.

We enjoyed the brief glimpse of the Serenbe lifestyle. When we return, we plan to visit the interesting shops and bakery we missed during this visit.


Doing What I Love

It all started with a magazine. I had recently discovered scrapbooking and adored creating layouts of all types with paper and adhesive. I was eagerly reading everything I could find on the subject and happened to spot information about digital scrapbooking. The layouts amazed me. The embellishments looked dimensional and I saw photo techniques I never imagined. I barely knew how to use my old computer, but wanted to do what was necessary to take my creativity in this direction. Working in Photoshop, I taught myself the skills I needed. Almost six years later, I am still learning new techniques and have upgraded my computer, camera, and Photoshop. Over the years, I created hundreds of layouts and have been fortunate to have some accepted for print and online publication.

Recently my life has happily changed due to a new venture in digital scrapbook product design. I have been warmly welcomed as part of the talented design team at Happy to Create. Working intently over the past six weeks, I now have five new products offered in the Happy To Create store.

My blog, Visioning, will be as important to me as ever. My work is essentially about photos, so I will continue my photo shoots and post here, as always. Blogging has allowed me to become online friends with many kind, talented people. I greatly appreciate those of you who view my photos and comment. And I love reading your stories and seeing your wonderful photos.

On this Thanksgiving weekend, I’m feeling thankful for friends near and far and for my new opportunity to do what I love! I hope you are also doing what you love and will share some of the ways you have found happiness through work and hobbies.

My new layouts and products shown below. Happy To Create products used for my layouts listed under the gallery.

“Delicious Autumn” digital scrapbooking layout uses: Eclectic Autumn Maxi Kit; Chalk Talk Font

“Autumn Exercise” digital scrapbooking layout uses: Eclectic Autumn Maxi Kit; ScrapHappy Brushes Maxi: Paint Mess

“Young Visitor” digital scrapbooking layout uses: ScrapHappy Paper Templates: Grunge Patterns; Eclectic Autumn Maxi Kit; ScrapHappy Shapes: Centers MA01; ScrapHappy Shapes: Flowers MA02; SH_Shapes: Flowers MA03

“Meeting Mallory” digital scrapbooking layout uses: Maxi Embellishments Botanicals Autumn1; Maxi Embellishments Botanicals Autumn3; Maxi Embellishments: BotanicalsAutumn2; American Quilt Maxi Kit; Eclectic Autumn Maxi Kit; ScrapHappy Paper Templates: Woven Textures; Font Quirky

“Colorful Autumn” digital scrapbooking layout uses: Maxi Embellishments: Botanicals Autumn 2; Eclectic Autumn Maxi Kit;  Maxi Embellishments: BotanicalsAutumn1; Maxi Embellishments: Botanicals Autumn 3; ScrapHappy Dynamic Brushes Midi: Leaves VR01; ScrapHappy Brushes Mini: Bees; ScrapHappy Brushes Maxi: Colors Of Fall 2; Font Friendly

“Mr & Mrs” digital scrapbooking layout uses: Maxi Embellishments: Botanicals Autumn 3; Maxi Embellishments: Botanicals Autumn1; Maxi Embellishments: Botanicals Autumn 2; ScrapHappy Paper Templates: Grunge Patterns; EclecticAutumn Maxi Kit; Midi Embellishments: Just Frames


Sweetwater Creek in Autumn

We spent an afternoon at Sweetwater Creek State Park last week. We always enjoy the hiking trails, sense of history, and the soothing sound of water splashing in the rocky creek. I like the trail that leads to the ruins of the New Manchester Textile Mill. This structure was burned during the Civil War to hamper production of Confederate uniforms. Holes for windows and crumbling bricks create a haunting sight along the shadowy trail.

I used my least favorite lens that day;  an older Tamron 18-270mm. It gives me some trouble with a loose focus ring and other problems, but I knew I would need the wide focal length for shots of the creek and wooded areas. I used RAW format and expected to work on the processing quite a bit. However, these files were more desaturated than expected. Not even close to the color I saw that day. So I adjusted basic tonality, clarity, and vibrance settings in Lightroom. Then applied some Nik filters mostly for saturation, tonal range, and in some cases a gentle high key filter. I quickly discovered that processing autumn landscapes is not easy! The challenge was to reveal the range of colors while keeping them natural. I hope you enjoy these and please let me know if you have any tips for processing autumn tree photos!

All photos: Canon 60D, handheld.

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Ohio Farms: Antique Barns and Landscapes

The plentiful antique barns in north central Ohio are fun to photograph. Some are restored and others abandoned, but I find all of them interesting. Most of the barns were painted white in years past. Red paint is now more common and I think the color adds to the charm.

I took these photos in the area where I grew up. Even as a young child, I appreciated the landscape views of valleys, hills, and grain fields. You might have guessed – I miss this rural area where the pace of life is slower and the beauty of nature abounds.

All photos: Canon 60D.


Duke Gardens

Our trip to Raleigh, North Carolina included a visit to Duke Gardens. Surrounded by the colorful landscape, I immediately began taking photos. That was important, since it started to rain twenty minutes into our visit. We had no choice but to head back to the car – getting completely drenched on the way! My camera was ok, since I protected it by holding it under the hem of my shirt. After a soggy ride home, we changed clothes and went on with our day. Duke Gardens is a glorious place to walk, relax, and enjoy photography. It was disappointing that our visit was short, but I hope to return someday.

  • All photos: Canon 60D, 50mm 1.8 prime lens, manual, evaluative, RAW, handheld. I shot the last photo in the rain under a leafy (and leaky) gazebo!