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Notes on Flowers, Photography, and Texture

azalea flowers

This handcrafted mug (a gift from my daughter) is the perfect container for a few sprigs of coral azalea flowers. I shot this at f11 to show a bit of the ground cover shapes in the background.

camellia, rose, bottle

Stacking the flowers provides an unusual perspective of the camellia and rose blossoms. Just for fun, I created a neutral background color. In Photoshop I created a black and white photo on the layer below the color photo. Then I masked the background of the color photo and set the blend mode of the color photo to ‘color’.

chive flowers

The chives have flowered already. The delicate petals are a lovely addition to all the green in my early spring garden.

red tulips

The red tulips were the first to bloom in March. So pretty when backlit in early morning sun.

purple tulips

The purples were the second set of tulips to bloom. They were surprisingly long-lasting; staying pretty for about a month.


I did not grow the blueberries, but could not resist the sweetness of piling them in a little milkglass bowl I’ve kept since childhood.

red rose

My rose bushes bloom for seven or eight months in full sun. Last year a few roses bloomed in November.

white clematis

Clematis grows so easily here in Georgia. I have three shades of purple and two white varieties. This one cascades over the wood and wire fence on the west side of our property.

pink azalea bud

Azalea buds start opening in April. Throughout the month they bloom in white, three varieties of pink, and two varieties of coral. I shot this backlit photo with the aperture wide open. I oriented the camera to the side of the blossom to capture more of it in focus.

I love to add depth and character to my casual flower photos. Working in Photoshop, I layer photo textures and apply various blending modes. Then I mask areas of the photo for particular effects. Adding a levels layer to adjust tonality is usually the final touch.

Have fun with the many free photo textures offered on the web! I listed a few resources for textures on my post about working with textures.